MDware Invoicing

Toolkit for Lightspeed Retail

The MDware toolkit makes Lightspeed Retail the ultimate solution for managing your Retail business. Manage sequential invoicing in just a few simple clicks, digitize your gift cards and (soon) reward your customers with our customer and loyalty system.

MDware invoicing

Toolkit for Lightspeed Retail

The MDware toolkit makes from Lightspeed Retail the complete solution for managing your business. Create and manage invoices in just a few simple clicks, digitize your gift cards and (soon) reward your customers with our customer and loyalty system.


Integrated invoicing for Lightspeed Retail
MDware Invoicing is now available in North America (Canada & United States) and Australia! --Contact us for more info or an onboarding session!

The MDware toolkit is available in English, French and Dutch and is compatible with Belgian, UK and Dutch tax systems, North America (Canada & United States) and Australia. On request, the tool can be made available to other countries quickly.

Create invoices & credit notes

Invoices and (partial) credit notes can be created during, or after a sale, in no time.

Mail & Customer Overview/Statements

With the MDware invoicing tool you can forward your invoices directly to the customer's email address. Keep track of who you sent invoices to and see who opened your mail/invoice.
Get an overview of your customers outstanding amounts and remind them by sending them invoice statements whenever you want.

More to come...

We're constantly working on improvement: new designs, online payments (stripe) and rappel management; iPad support and multilingualism are already on our to-do list.

Print packing slips/delivery notes

Print a decent packing slip/delivery note and let the customer sign-off on delivery.


Manage paid and unpaid invoices? The billing tool shows you at a glance what has been paid or is stilloutstanding.
MDware Invoicing is capable of handling partial/split payments and tracks method and payment date.


MDware supports invoicing from multiple Retail locations/shops. Invoices can be exported in detail per period or per customer for statistics or accountancy purposes.
Why should you get this tool?

Ligthspeed Retail is a great solutions, it’s only missing some vital elements to support the entire workflow of your business. Integrated Invoicing can save you precious time you can get started in 5 minutes. Coming from Lightspeed OnSite and missing invoices? Don’t look any further.

Why MDware?

MDware works very closely together with Lightspeed. We can respond very quickly to questions from the market and our customers and are also able to provide custom development. This tool has been built and further developed based on your feedback.

How do you get started

As soon as you have a trial or paid subscription for Lightspeed Retail, you can start making Invoices. We will be happy to help you with the setup of the link for 30 minutes. If you’re more of a DIY-guy, head to our support center and get started: Click here!.


Gift Card Generator

We would like to offer our customers free tools:
✓ Gift Card Generator: Digitize your gift cards with a barcode through your ZEBRA label printer.
✓ More interesting tools are coming!

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